Nofy i Androy

New Program for Teen Girls in Rural Madagascar

In 2021 we added a new program to support, the Nofy i Androy (means the dream of the Androy girls), an educational program for girls to keep them in school.  The culture tradition is that girls become mothers at an age of 10-14 years old and stop all education.  The goal of the program is to keep them in school and hopefully to continue post high school education.The cost to support one girl for a year is $200.00. The sponsor will receive a photo, bio and two update letters a year on the student. We have a goal to find 100 sponsors by years end and we are almost on track. Please pray we find more sponsors for this ...


FOMM is Moving Ahead on These Nine Projects

Approved at FOMM's Annual Meeting

It will be a busy meeting.  Aside from the usual board meeting agenda items, we will be dealing with the following exciting growth programs for FOMM to approve:  1)  Manasoa Bible School Building Project 2)  Nofy i Androy (The Dream of the Androy region girls education program) 3)  The Lutheran Blind School in Antsirabe, Madagascar 4)  Fund Raising Project for Seed Bankk and Rice Cleaning Machines in Betroka Region 5)  Evangelist Health Car Plan Proposal 6)  Cottage Industries Project (Home made projects for sale internationally) 7)  Organization and Staffing Plans for FOMM 8)  ...


Mansoa Bible School Rebuilding

The rebuilding of the Mansoa Bible School is a big project carrying a total cost of $75,000.00. It is a main school for the region to train evangelists and catechists. Please pray that people come forward to sponsor the project. Thank you.


Prison Ministry Project

Expansion of Prison Ministry

There are 83 prisons in the country. We help make this ministry possible at 17. For approximately $1,500.00 per year a new prison can become the site of a weekly ministry visit. We are searching for individuals, families, and congregations to adopt a new prison ministry. Please pray we find more sponsors.


Second Printing of the Tandroy Bible

Need to raise $19,000 in Matching Funds

  Steve Lellelid has been working for nearly 20 years to translate the Word of God into the Tandroy dialect. As a result, in 2018, 20,000 Bibles and 37,000 song books in the Tandroy dialect were printed at a cost of $111,000.00 from FOMM donors.  The Bibles and song books were eagerly received by the Tandroy people.  Now there is a need to print more Biblesas all copies were snatched up quickly. FOMM is now seeking funds to print 20,000 Tandroy Bibles (no song books this time) at a cost of $61,000.00. This project is blessed by having donors, Nathan and Jenny Carlson to provide matching funds for the cost of the ...


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