Second Printing of the Tandroy Bible

Need to raise $19,000 in Matching Funds


Steve Lellelid has been working for nearly 20 years to translate the Word of God into the Tandroy dialect. As a result, in 2018, 20,000 Bibles and 37,000 song books in the Tandroy dialect were printed at a cost of $111,000.00 from FOMM donors.  The Bibles and song books were eagerly received by the Tandroy people.  Now there is a need to print more Biblesas all copies were snatched up quickly.

FOMM is now seeking funds to print 20,000 Tandroy Bibles (no song books this time) at a cost of $61,000.00. This project is blessed by having donors, Nathan and Jenny Carlson to provide matching funds for the cost of the printing and shipping the Bibles.  In other words, every dollar you donate will be doubled by their gift. 

Please pray we raise the remaining amount. We have received about $12,000 so we need to raise another $19,000. This is very doable, so please pray that people are motivated to give and give promptly!

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